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Don't forget you can also download my e-Books for great tips and advice, or if one on one consultations are not for you why not take part in one of my online courses from the comfort of your own home.

Consultations booked individually can be booked for any of the methods described above. 

If it is your first consultation you need an 'initial consultation', this is a longer appointment that gives me time to go over your full history for all first time clients. 

For any appointments after your initial consultation book a 'follow up consultation'.

Nutritional therapy has been shown to work best when it is used as part of a programme over time. It isn't a quick fix and works well implementing things in stages. This is why I offer my popular programmes, all of which are available by any of the methods described above, just select your prefered option when you book.

These programmes allow you to book a course of sessions at a discount.

First of all purchase the programme you would like on the personalised programme page, then to book in your preferred time for your first session go to book online and select 'pre paid programmes' this will allow you to book for your already purchased appointments.